Customer Testimonials
  • "INTERFACE team has been helping us design, develop and maintain mVisum range of products from concept stage. It has been a long ongoing relationship spanning more than 7 years."
    Praveen Dala, CEO, mVisum Inc
  • "We have been working with Interface for last 7 years for development and support of Aquent On Demand products. The development team is nice to work with and hard working. They have been able to solve complex issues. In the past, they have been successful in delivering on time."
    Prashant Kadwe, Director Software Development at Aquent
  • "INTERFACE engineered an extensible mobile security framework to quickly design and develop a minimum viable product to market our innovation. The engineering team demonstrated the ability to translate our requirements to a demonstrable prototype on a tight schedule. This was extremely beneficial to us as a technology startup."
    Srinivas Kumar, CTO & Founder, TaaSera, Inc.
  • "INTERFACE has designed and developed Cloud based service for Remote Monitoring of our Dialysis Machines. We are impressed with Interface’s expertise and professional approach. We look forward to working with Interface on support and future releases."
    Ujwal Pradhan, GM, NIPRO India
Cloud Computing
Product Engineering
Web enabled 24/7 access | Pay per usage | Authorised Users
From commoditized hardware components, virtualization of storage to application and development platforms - cloud computing offers sustained benefits to organizations. Pay per use policies and easily scalable infrastructure provide flexibility to organizations to run their IT portfolios.
Embrace cloud computing with the expertise of INTERFACE. Achieve cost benefits, system responsiveness and scalability using cloud. Innovate and enhance the way services are delivered to business users.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Healthcare Enterprise Solutions
  • Single hosted architecture
  • Easy Customization
  • Better Access
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Healthcare Enterprise Solutions
  • Reduced cost and complexity on underlying software/hardware
  • Easy and Quick development and monetization
  • Integration with other web services
  • Cloud Implementation and Migration
    Healthcare Enterprise Solutions
  • Experience in implementing and migrating applications on leading platforms
  • Cloud Deployments – Public, Private, Hybrid
  • Cloud Integration, Security and Testing
  • Mobility Solutions
    Product Engineering
    Enrich and Influence your business with Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Engage your partners, customers, employees and other stakeholders by providing context specific information over their mobile devices.
    INTERFACE offers solutions and services on range of tools and technologies to develop your enterprise mobile strategies. Get mobile solutions on diverse range of mobile devices and platforms to enhance workforce optimization, innovate product and services, and build new business process models.

    mHealth, Mobile Application Monitoring, Real time messaging, Streaming, Location based services, Custom mobile applications and many more apps have been provided by INTERFACE mobility teams.
    Our Offerings
    Mobile Application Development
    • Cross platform development and integration
    • B2E, B2C and B2B specific requirements
    • Device specific mobile solutions
    • Native, Web and Hybrid app development
    Managed Mobility Support Services
    • Mobile Application Testing, UI Design and Testing
    • Mobile Device and Security Management
    • Performance and Stability Management
    • End to end mobility life cycle management
    Enterprise Wide Mobility Deployment
    • Mobile system strategy and deployment
    • Focused BYOD policies
    • Rapid development and deployment of enterprise apps
    Big Data Analytics
    Big Data is characterized by exponential volume, large variety and high velocity of data accumulation. More data, when accurately analyzed, leads to better decisions.

    INTERFACE provides customized services to collect, store, process and analyze your data. Our interactive tools help you visualize data graphically to help you make quick and smart decisions.
    Social Networking
    Product Engineering
    Provide your targeted users a perfect social environment to share and collaborate. Our developers can organize social, mobile, cloud and analytics technologies together to create user focused social networks that are unique and customized for business needs.
    Benefits for Enterprise
    • Collaboration
    • Customer Insights
    • Branding and Promotions
    • Market Research
    • Customer Segmentation
    Our Offerings
    • Social Network Integrations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more)
    • Custom Social Networking Website
    • Social Media Software as a Service
    • Social Network based Big Data Analytics
    • Integration of Social Networks with Enterprise Applications
    Advances in medical research and information technology have created unprecedented opportunities for new and innovative products and services. These products and services are revolutionizing the Healthcare industry through new and better ways to treat patients, aid doctors and nurses to perform better and help hospitals to manage better.
    Since 2006 INTERFACE has built several innovative products for our clients. We have experience in compliance to various standards and with the rigorous and lengthy regulatory approval process.
    Online and Brick and Mortar retailers always strive to not only connect with shoppers in profitable and meaningful way but also optimize store operations and manage supply chain efficiently.
    INTERFACE assist retail organizations overcome challenges such as retail back-end operations, store operations, workforce productivity, shopper behavior analysis and customer service with its domain focused software solutions.
    Enhance user experience and build flexible, responsive IT systems for In-Store as well as Online retail needs to earn consumer loyalty and partner satisfaction.
    Our Offerings include
    In-Store productivity
    Get solutions dedicated to in-store retail challenges. Tackle challenges from show rooming to providing instant information to store associates and store managers for effective store operations.
    Shopper behavior analytics
    Track shopper behavior and engagement with all channels used for point of sale. Get insights on consumers behavior and accordingly take business decisions.
    Omni channel Point of Sale (POS)
    Build multi-channel point of sales to reach consumers from every possible medium. Leverage cross platform point of sale for enhanced user experience.
    Store operations and backend operations
    Build effective system infrastructure and processes to handle store operations and back end operations. Leverage INTERFACE mobility and analytics expertise to get extra advantage in taking better operational decisions.
    Workforce productivity
    Track employee productivity during official hours. Get location, online engagement details and any other information that can be tracked by mobile devices.
    About Us
    INTERFACE is a software solutions provider. Our expertise includes Cloud Computing, Mobility, Big Data Analytics and Social Networking. Since its inception in 2006, the company has been building software products and solutions for customers in a variety of industries, with special focus in Healthcare and Retail domains.
    INTERFACE Journey envisioned and accomplished by team of engineers and researchers with extensive experience in IT industry. Over the years, the company has served several organizations with product development to custom software solutions using cutting edge technologies.
    INTERFACE brings intellectual property (IP), domain expertise, thought leadership, software frameworks, and a unique software development paradigm to satisfy our customer’s unique business needs.

    Our vision is to be the preferred technology partner to bring innovative, creative and industry leading software products to market.
    Management Team
    Narendra Nandekar
    Chief Executive Officer
    Narendra is the founder and CEO of INTERFACE. He brings thought leadership with extensive technical and industry experience. Before founding INTERFACE, Narendra worked with Capgemini, IBM, PWC, American Express and JPMorgan Chase in the USA. He has played a major role in implementing several key projects in these organizations. He holds Bachelor of Engineering from VNIT, Nagpur and Master of Technology from IIT, Roorkee in Computer Science.
    Umesh Mokate
    VP – Business Development
    Umesh brings 25 years of experience in the software industry. He is highly result oriented professional with business acumen and strong technical background. Umesh holds M.S degree in computer science from Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from University of Washington. He worked at Microsoft Corporation, USA for more than 13 years before following his entrepreneurial stints.
    With expertise in open standards and most major development languages and platforms, INTERFACE has executed small to large software projects onsite and offsite. INTERFACE has expertise in diverse technologies and continues to test and use emerging technologies.

    Web Development 
    J2EE, ASP.Net, ExtJS, Flex, jQuery, JSF, Spring, SEAM, Hibernate, SOAP, Web Services, XML/XSLT, AJAX, HTML5, Silverlight

    Mobile Development  
    Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Java ME, Windows Mobile, PhoneGAP, Sencha

    Application Development  
    NET (Dot-NET), C#(C-sharp), C, C++, Visual C++ (VC++) and Java (J2EE).

    Business Intelligence  
    OBIEE, Hadoop, QlikView, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS

    NoSQL Databases  
    HBase, mongoDB, DynamoDB

    Relational Databases  
    Oracle, MS SQL Server, mySQL, PostGRE SQL, DB2

    Web Server / Application Server  
    BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Apache/Tomcat, JBOSS, IIS, Sharepoint Server

    Software Product Engineering
    Organizations today are facing challenges in relentless innovation, ever evolving technologies, shorter product development lifecycle and shrinking budgets in building their requirement specific software product and solutions.
    INTERFACE leverage its expertise and experience in all stages of product development lifecycle, right from product conceptualization to product maintenance and enhancements to meet client specific needs.
    Product Engineering
    Product Engineering Services from INTERFACE help you track and manage productivity, cost saving thus increasing ROI from product launches to sustenance.
    Traditional product engineering services from INTERFACE
    • Product Conceptualization – Research and Innovation
    • Product Development – Design, Development and Release Management
    • Product QA and Testing – Focused testing ensuring quality in every aspect
    • Product Maintenance, Enhancement and Support – Upgrades, Service Packs, Change Management
    • Product Integration – Integration analysis, backup plans
    Experience INTERFACE Advantage
    • Extensive product engineering experience with domain knowledge
    • Improved time to market capabilities
    • Continuous innovation to assist in launching new products
    • Accept and Adopt technology transformation to SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) suiting business needs
    Quality Assurance and Testing
    Quality Assurance and Testing
    INTERFACE Quality Assurance and testing services allow organizations reduce time and effort in bringing product or service to market by meeting quality expectations.
    INTERFACE offers a wide range of services, tools and technologies in QA and Testing applicable for App, Web, Mobile, secure and integrated software environments. We help organizations develop and execute successful testing strategies with deep expertise in testing processes and environments.
    Our Offerings include
    • Functional Testing
      • Functional testing helps us to find defects early in the overall product development process. Scope of functional testing is not just to validate simple input – output conversion but also examine complete testing aspects concerning various scenarios and dependencies.
        At INTERFACE Quality assurance is strictly maintained where complete test case coverage is assured.
    • Non Functional Testing
      • INTERFACE focusses on customer specific requirements of usability, reliability and scalability for non- functional testing. INTERFACE QA team possess experience in non-functional aspects of requirement that includes baseline testing, compatibility testing, Compliance testing, Endurance testing, Load testing, Localization testing, performance testing, security testing and many more.
    • Test Management
      • With its experience testers and QA managers, INTERFACE assures complete test management solution which covers all test process activities.
    • Test Automation
      • INTERFACE brings in standard test automation approaches from code driven testing to graphical user INTERFACE testing. With experienced test team at INTERFACE, test automation can provide you multi environment testing with reduced cost and improved application quality and productivity.
    • Mobile Testing
      • As the usage of mobile applications is increased in several years, it has become necessary to perform dedicated testing activities which are focused on several aspects of mobile applications quality. INTERFACE provides defined testing strategy for variety of mobile apps including Custom Mobile app, Handset Software testing, mobile games, mobile content, mobile website on all platforms.
    • Quality Management
      • INTERFACE help organizations overcome challenges involved in delivering software quality with quality management solutions. With such solutions organizations develop, validate and deliver software services right from concept to maturity.
    • Application Testing
      • A process driven approach that tests entire application with varied range of test scenarios. INTERFACE makes sure that your application meets all quality, scalability and availability aspects of high performance software application by keeping application testing suite as a comprehensive integrated testing solution.
    • Localization Testing
      • Localization testing involves ensuring developed software application is completely understandable in its target market. Proper localization includes formatting, cultural considerations and other language specific factors.
    INTERFACE assists our clients with extensive testing and development expertise ensuring quality throughout the product lifecycle and managed services. Our primary goal through our services is to enhance user experience, reduce risks and minimize costs that are related to quality assurance objectives of our customers.
    Custom Software Development
    Product Engineering
    Meet your entire business requirements for customized software development solution from INTERFACE. INTERFACE not only aims to service business specific software requirement that are not addressed by pre-packaged software products but also recommend innovative solutions for clients to consider.
    INTERFACE works closely with clients to understand business objective, define and refine software requirements. Through detailed communication and approval process software specification are written, developed, tested and integrated with existing enterprise systems such as legacy or cloud systems.
    Our Offerings in custom software development include
    • Application Development
    • Application Re-engineering and Integration
    • Application Support and Maintenance
    • Application Migration
    • Application Optimization
    Experience INTERFACE Offerings with
    • Dedicated and experienced software teams working on multiple technologies
    • Flexible Project Delivery models – Project Model, Dedicated Center Model, BOT model
    • Explore Pricing Models – Fixed Project Cost, Fixed monthly rate, Time and Material and Risk and Reward
    • Leverage experience in intellectual properties, domain expertise, thought leadership, software frameworks and software development paradigms
    Case Studies
    Innovative products we built for our clients
    • 1
      Mobile Analytics Platform with Customer Segmentation, Retention Analytis, In-App Analytics
    • 2
      Marketing Project Management System
    • 3
      Malware Detection Agent for Android and iPhone
    • 4
      Mobile Analytics SDK for Android and iPhone
    • 5
      Credit Card Usage Pattern Detection System
    • 6
      Survey and Customer Insight Analytics Portal
    • 7
      Malware Pattern Detection and Analytics Portal
    • 8
      Conext Triggered Ad Delivery for Mobiles
    • 9
      Partner Accounting System for Retail Chain
    • 10
      Real Estate Data Collection and Data Warehouse System
    • 11
      IT and Network Security System
    • 12
      School Bus and Student Tracking System
    • 13
      Corporate Job Portal with integration to internal HR systems
    • 14
      Marketing Automation System
    • 15
      Media Management and Storage Portal
    • 16
      Location Based Real Estate Search App for Android, iPhone, Blackberry
    • 17
      3D Modelling of Real-time 2D Images captured from Cardiac Catheter
    • 18
      Mobile Based Medical Messaging System
    • 19
      Patient Alarm Management System for Mobiles
    • 20
      Data Capture and Live Streaming of OBGyn Data to Mobiles
    • 21
      Live Streaming of Medical Media for Physicians
    • 22
      Collaboration on Medical Live Streams and Archived Studies
    • 23
      Cardiac Event Monitoring System
    • 24
      Live Streaming of Medical Media for Mobiles
    • 25
      Mobile Based DICOM Query/Retrieve Application
    • 26
      Configurable Statistics and Trend Analytics from Exhaustive Healthcare Data
    • 27
      Hemodialysis Remote Monitoring System
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    We are always looking for the best talent in the industry. INTERFACE offers a challenging and high-growth environment to motivated self-starters with a proven track record. You will be working with experienced industry professionals with outstanding achievements.

    Please email your resume indicating desired position to
    Our focus areas
    • Medical Device Connectivity Solutions
    • Healthcare IT Solutions
    • Mobility Solutions
    • Big Data, BI and Analytics Solutions
    • Mobile application and Security Solutions
    • Cloud computing Services
    • Custom software development Services
    Current Openings
    • Database Architect
      • 6 to 10 years of experience working as a Database Architect.
      • Hands on experience in Database Management
      • Worked on configuration and design for optimal performance
      • Experience in Data Architecture, Database Performance Tuning, Trouble Shooting and SQL verification
      • Keyskills: Oracle, mySQL, NoSQL, Cloud Computing, Cassandra, Hbase, Mongo DB.
    • Mobile Application Developer
      • 4 to 6 years of experience working as a Mobile application Developer
      • Strong knowledge of Mobile Application Development
      • Experience on Android, Iphone, Windows phone
      • Should have Excellent analytical skills
      • Eager to learn new technologies
      • Keyskills: Android Sdk, Ndk, Core Java, J2ME, Objective C, C++.
    • Marketing Sales Executive
      • 2 to 4 years of experience in Marketing domain
      • Excellent Communication & Presentation Skills
      • Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concept and express them in clear, concise way appropriate to the given audience
      • Knowledge of Advertising products,Understanding of customer & market dynamics
      • Keyskills: Business Development, Direct Marketing, Sales & Marketing, Software Marketing, Product Marketing, Lead Generation, Client Interaction, IT Marketing.
    • Linux Kernel / Android Developer
      • 2 to 6 years of experience working as device driver developer on Linux and Android.
      • Experience with working on Linux kernel modules
      • Experience in Android Linux Kernel
      • Any of the following areas: Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, multimedia/camera, display, sensor and other peripherals is a plus.
    • .Net Lead
      • At least 5 years of experience working as Tech Lead/ Architect with experience in technology like .Net/SQL Server.
      • Should have worked on Design Patterns and UML.
      • Exposure to Continuous integration, NUnit.
      • Should have good knowledge of architecture, design fundamentals, analysis skills and deployment methodology.
      • Well versed on SDLC methodology
      • Should have strong database knowledge and should be able to create DFD, ER diagrams.
      • Should have good communication/collaboration skills.
      • Experience in release processes and testing practices.
    Pune, India
    Plot 3, Amchi Colony, NDA-Pashan Road,
    Bavdhan, Pune 411021
    United States
    PO Box 105
    Cedarbrook, NJ 08018
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